Your Moment of Jenn Episode 134 | The Next Step

This week, Jenn brings a very open and honest episode on all of the emotions that come with taking the next step in your life. From everything from relationships, moving, and do everything in the healthiest way possibe, she's very candid and honest about what things can forge ahead, what things need to wait, and how important it is to continue to give yourself time to heal when you feel like the world wants you to be, "over it" by now and suscribe to this myth of the 'fairy tale.' Sometimes being and adult means having to be an adult and hold back on getting everything you want. 

Then Jenn talks about the decision to retire her blog and head into a new direction, and the same factors of taking the next step in her personal life are changing her professional life as well and her new goals of what she wants her message to be going forward. 

It's a full show this week, enjoy!